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Instagram Follower Audit Is Here To Help Brands

While Instagram is cracking from fake social media influencers and its users keep buying followers and likes, the platform continues to grow. According to its CEO, Kevin Systrom, the 1 billionth user has recently signed up. That is why brands are growing their Instagram influencer marketing budgets. According to Bloglovin’s research, 67% of marketers think that influencer marketing campaigns helped them reach a more targeted audience, thus leading to more effective results.

Moreover, Socialmediatoday states that 94% of marketers who use influencer marketing find it an effective practice, and influencer marketing can generate up to 11x the ROI of traditional advertising.

So, what prevents you from growing your brand using this amazing channel? Maybe, the answer is “fake influencers”?

Either you have already spent some of your budget on Instagram influencers without achieving any results? Or your company can’t afford imperfectly thought out spending and that is why you’re not taking the risk?

Well, there is a simple solution that is able to check out any Instagram account for free — the Buzzweb Instagram follower audit.

How it works?

No registration or sms. You just enter the IG account of the influencer you want to check out and get a full review of their profile. It will show you their audience quality, engagement rate and promotional opportunities, as well as whether they have bought followers or not.

A transparent and accurate Buzzweb influencer rating from A+ to N/A will help you make a decision on whether to work with this particular blogger or not. Yes, you will be surprised how many fake influencers there are on Instagram, even among celebrities.

Sorry, Ariana.

At the same time any blogger is able to close their data off from public viewing, which can also help you make the conclusion on their performance and influence degree, as bloggers with true influence don’t have a reason to do so.

We recommend to work with bloggers who have A+, A and B ratings. C might also be a good choice. However, it’s better to review how sponsored posts they already published have performed:

  • What were the comments: any questions on products or just common Instagram “love this pic”?
  • Who liked it? Real people or profiles with abracadabra names? Maybe too many private accounts? This may also be suspicious.
  • Are there any advertisers in the blogger’s feed that bought promo posts several times? That is a really good sign.

You can find more tips on how to interpret the results of the Buzzweb Instagram follower audit in our «Instagram Audit Free» article.

One more great thing about this tool is that each advertiser who has worked with a blogger can leave a review on their rating pages at Buzzweb, which is the easiest way to pick and sweep aside your candidates.

Instagram follower audit can help you answer important questions on whether each particular blogger is worth your money and time. It can help you choose the most efficient bloggers to collaborate with.

The tool is absolutely free. It takes 5-10 minutes to generate the full report.

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