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Instagram Influencer Pricing: Learn The Fair Price

Buzzweb Instagram influencer pricing and audit tool allows you to find out the estimated value of any blogger’s post. If you are a brand representative, you can now audit the account of any influencer you are interested in. If you are an influencer, you can use it to find out what reward will be fair for you or other bloggers from your niche.

Doubtlessly, Instagram is the platform that contributes the most to overall influencer marketing campaign spending. More businesses are hiring Instagram bloggers to grow their brand awareness or sales than ever before. According to Adweek and Social Media Today, in 2017 Instagram influencer marketing had already become a $1 billion dollar industry. It is predicted that this number could double by 2019.

So, with all this money flow, how much should your brand pay a particular influencer, or how much should you be paid as an influencer? Industry pricing is difficult, and lacks a rate standard. One needs to have great experience, good relationships with social media influencers, and good analytics tools to be able to estimate the price per post in a particular influencer’s feed. Or you can learn the fair price with the help of Instagram influencer pricing calculators.

How Buzzweb Instagram influencer pricing calculator works

To show you fair price for sponsored content on an influencer’s Instagram page, Buzzweb Instagram influencer pricing calculator takes into account all his key performance indicators.

The displayed price is fair and transparent. Both parties — the brand and the influencer — can see the factors that form the estimated value of the posts and comments.

The key performance indicators that Buzzweb algorithms consider are:

  • influencer’s engagement rate;
  • the number of his followers;
  • his followers quality;
  • his followers location;
  • and his niche.

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Some explanations on niche bloggers’ power

It should be mentioned that niche influencers can charge a bit more than is customary for Instagram beauty and fashion ones. It takes niche bloggers more efforts to create their content and their target audience — to find them on the platform. At the same time, their followers are more loyal and devoted. That is why collaborations with niche social media influencers can produce better results.

So, try to be creative and think different. Let’s say, you represent a company that produces popcorn. Find an Instagram blogger who covers old movies instead of a food-blogger. And if your product is a new hand cream — search for those Instagram influencers who post about gardening, since keeping hands soft or just in good condition is a problem for them and their Instagram audience.

Final words

All in all, Instagram is one of the most effective ways to reach a brand’s target audience. However, as bloggers often underestimate themselves and brands try to economize and save their budgets, it is hard for them to agree on the price. That is why the estimated value, provided by Buzzweb algorithms is the solution for both parties.


Try Buzzweb Sponsored post calculator for Instagram for free