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Instagram Influencer Research: Quick and Free

Wonder what the easiest way is to choose social media influencers appropriate for your brand and product? Нow not to distinguish real influencers from the fake ones? Then the free Buzzweb Instagram influencer research & Audit tool is just for you.

Easy solution of a big problem

Since its launch, Instagram has grown into a one-billion user platform that rules our minds. That is why brands are increasing their Instagram influencer marketing budgets: according to SocialMediaToday, 19% of marketers were planning to spend over $100,000 per influencer marketing program. And Instagram bloggers are looking for ways to earn more. That is why the platform is cracking from fake influencers who have bought their followers and buy likes to pretend they have worthy engagement rate and loyal audience.

So, here is a simple tool that can help you:

  1. distinguish real influencers from the fake ones
  2. find relevant bloggers for your brand according to your and their audience

Just enter the username of the influencer you would like to research, wait 5 minutes and get a detailed report full of recommendations.

Key Instagram influencer research indicators

  • Buzzweb Instagram rating shows you the influencer’s overall grade. It is the main indicator of a blogger’s efficiency. A+ and A-rated bloggers are the best ones. They can essentially grow your brand awareness and sales. B-bloggers just have a smaller audience or lower engagement rate, but will still efficiently work for your goals. They are a bit cheaper. C-bloggers are those we suggest considering, but you need to research their feed yourself to find out whether they have repeated promo posts from the same advertisers. If not — those advertises found them inefficient and you better look for someone else to work with.
  • Audience quality displays the percentage of a blogger’s fake followers, real followers and true fans. Those are low-quality audience, regular audience and high-quality audience, respectively.
  • Engagement rate demonstrates how actively the blogger’s audience welcomes his posts. The higher it is — the higher is his power. Note that there is no sense to working with those who have:
    • 1M+ followers and an engagement rate under 1.5%,
    • 100K-1M followers an engagement rate under 2.1%,
    • 20-100K followers and an engagement rate under 2.4%,
    • 5-20K followers and an engagement rate under 3.5%,
    • 1-5K followers and an engagement rate under 5.5%.

    Such bloggers may have bought their followers.

  • Core audience of the blogger will help you find out whether his followers coincide with your target audience. That is helpful data, since an American beauty blogger doesn’t necessarily have followers who live in U.S. and are of the same age as she is. Her most active followers may even be men.

Final words

Social media influencers, unlike celebrities, are common on Instagram. They can be anyone. The goal of any brand that wants to benefit from influencer marketing is to choose those influencers that are authentic and coincide with brand’s target audience.

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