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Instagram influencers cost: find out now for free

Whether you are an Instagram blogger or a brand, you might be interested in Instagram influencers’ cost. Buzzweb can provide you with that info. Instantly and free of charge. Enter the username of the influencer you are interested in and get his post value based on all the key performance metrics of his page: audience size, quality and location, engagement rate and influencer’s niche.

Instagram influencers are now the most in-demand promotion channel. They can grow brand awareness and increase its sales. According to One Productions agency, 94% of marketing specialists who use influencer marketing find it an effective tool, and influencer marketing can generate up to 11 times the ROI of traditional forms of advertising. All these, together with the fact that Instagram with its recent 1 billionth active monthly user has become the most rapidly growing social media platform makes total Instagram advertising budget incredibly high. In 2017 it has already reached $1 billion.

But was this money spent efficiently? With all these fake influencers made of bought followers and likes, a lot of influencer marketing campaigns brought no results.

Plus, some bloggers just overestimate their influence and, accordingly, their prices, asking for too much. In turn, due to the absence of standard industry rates and unaware of bloggers’ fair prices, brands have to work with them, wasting their budgets.

However, there is an easy answer to this issue.

Find out the fair price now with the Buzzweb Instagram Influencers Cost Calculator

Buzzweb’s Instagram Influencers Cost Calculator displays you post value of any influencer you are interested in, taking into account all significant metrics of the his account. From the simple ones, like audience size to the complex, like audience quality, which indicates how many true fans and bots the blogger has among his followers.

To get the influencer’s post value, just enter his username. The impartial result is displayed in just one minute.

What can influence the final price of a sponsored post?

The provided post value is the basis to evaluate the collaboration opportunities. As all advertisers have their own requirements and a vision of their promo campaign, the final price can be either lower or higher.

Lower price

  • In case the advertiser is interested in creating a Story with his product or service, the price will be 15-30% lower .
  • Sometimes the influencer is ready to work on barter terms. He can get a share of his reward in money and a share — in the product the brand represents.
  • If the brand is ready to write a good review on its collaborating experience with the blogger, it also can expect a small discount, like 10%.

Higher price

  • On the other hand, if the advertiser wants the influencer to post a scrupulous review of the product, this will take more of the influencer’s time and efforts, so the price will be up to 20-40% higher.
  • Also, if the blogger is holding a giveaway for the brand or any other kind of marketing promotion that requires moderating the comments, communicating with the promotion participants and announcing the winners.
  • Plus, posting simple videos also costs more than just pics. 15-30% higher.

Final words

It is very time-consuming to reach out to a bunch of bloggers in a search of those that fit your budget.

It is hard to negotiate with no data to prove that the price you want to pay or get is fair.

It is almost impossible to find out why similar bloggers charge different amounts for sponsored posts.

All the challenges are easily overcome with Buzzweb Calculator. Try it for free now.

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