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Instagram Influencers Post Price: Want To Know What Is Fair?

Instagram is rapidly growing — it has just got 1 billion monthly users. Moreover, the platform gives its users a lot of opportunities to grow as well. Just imagine that in 2017 the total budget of the Instagram influencer marketing industry has reached $1 billion. And this solid sum of money has gone to Instagram influencers.

Moreover, Adweek predicts that by the end of 2019 the budget will double. However, there no industry rate standard and each of the player is just trying to pay or be paid the amount he thinks is fair for him. That makes negotiations between brand representatives and social media influencers exhausting and breaks the deals when the parties can’t agree.

That is why an independent referee to provide the brand and the influencer with the estimated value of the post is needed now more than ever before.

The Buzzweb Instagram analytics & rating service provides you with the fair and transparent Instagram influencer post price

Enter the username of the blogger you are interested in and get the estimated value of his sponsored post:

The Buzzweb algorithms form the estimated value, bringing together the important metrics of the account, such as its:

  • number of followers;
  • engagement rate;
  • follower quality: blogger’s true fans, his real and fake followers;
  • followers location, as it determines their solvency;
  • and the topic that the blogger is into.

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4 tips to get the maximum profit from the Buzzweb Instagram influencers post price calculator

The calculated price is also shown on the page with the report on the blogger’s account. Here is how it looks:

How brands and influencers can use it to benefit?

For influencers

  • You can justify your post price by asking brands you have already collaborated with to leave a review on the page with your report. Even two sentences written by your previous advertiser can substantially grow your chances to get new ones, as advertisers are always searching for the best bloggers using Buzzweb reports.

For brands

  • Despite the price you see in the blogger’s report, you can always ask him for a discount of $30-60 in exchange for a review of your experience with him. Thus, hiring several influencers within your influencer marketing campaign can save you a solid sum.

For both

  • The owner of the account can publish his own price so that the advertiser could see the estimated value of the post and the blogger’s price. It won’t be much bigger or smaller than the estimated value — the maximum difference is $40. Moreover, according to Buzzweb survey, 97% of influencers agreed with the estimated value calculated by the algorithms.
  • The blogger’s price will be higher in case the brand wants him to create not simply a traditional post with a picture, but a detailed review or video. Or, in case the blogger has to comply with any additional conditions, such as not publishing any post featuring the brand’s competitors for a period of time or commenting on all the comments to the promo post.

However, these additional terms of the collaboration require an extra charge, and can be figured out only after the dialog between the influencer and the brand has started.

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