Instagram Rating: Influencers’ Secrets Revealed

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Instagram Rating Can Show The Reality Behind The Scenes

Everybody knows that secret knowledge is power. And what if you get to see behind the scenes of all fancy Instagram bloggers and then decide whether working with them is worth it?

Some bloggers can give your brand a boost, make people like it, talk about it and create buzz.

US advertising agency Rhythm One has found that influencer marketing can provide up to 960% return on investment. Even a source as respectable as Forbes in its recent article mentioned a tremendous growth and effectiveness of influencer marketing and even called it a “a dominating force in the world of online marketing”.

Its huge growth in the past 3 years, according to the study of X-cart, has reached 357%, a number much greater than the growth rate of other platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Now, when it’s evident that influence marketing is a big trend, the only question is – are you following it successfully? Perhaps, you haven’t tried it before or your attempts were unsuccessful.

The next questions is – why?

Authenticity audit

Considering the big buzz about the influencers in the market, there are numerous low-quality offers that resemble quality ones. Knowing the real Instagram rating can help differentiate between these two.

You can use Buzzweb for this purpose.

The service also shows you the insights behind the attractive package of any non-private Instagram account and displays its Instagram rating.

Buzzweb makes its transparent and accurate verdict by giving Instagram accounts grades from A+ to N/A. The assessment criteria are as follows:

  • number of followers and posts;
  • quality of followers;
  • engagement rate, including average numbers of likes and comments.

Below each rating you can see the explanation and recommendation. It’s better not to deal with the bloggers rated lower than a B.

If some accounts have chosen to keep their Instagram rating secret, then ask yourself a reasonable question – why? In most cases, they have something to hide, thus it’s better to stay away from them.

Eventually, knowing the influencers’ Instagram rating will help the marketers avoid spending their budgets on insufficient results or wasting them in the worst-case scenario.

Future challenges

Considering the continuous global growth of influencer marketing, Forbes has published certain future challenges forecast by the experts, such as:

  • competition and differentiation. In other words, it will be harder to find the right candidates to
  • promote your brand;
  • increase of sponsored posts’ costs;
  • decrease of people’s trust in influencers.

These challenges can be insignificant if you use the Buzzweb tool, which will help you hire the right candidates for the job for a fair price and in accordance with the real (not fake) results.

When it comes to people’s trust, this is inevitable considering such massive growth of the number of influencers and the fact that celebrities are becoming brands in the eyes of people. However, this only means that you need to be more careful when choosing your influencer and measure the potential results by previous engagement and trust that their followers have shown over the time.

Fair competition

At the end of the day, knowing the Instagram rating may be compared to a life vest for marketers for the purpose of continuing to promote brands to audiences through influencers.

The information provided by the Buzzweb Instagram rating makes the influencer market a lot more transparent, trustworthy and helps establish fair competition.

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