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Instagram sponsored ads cost isn’t confusing any more

Are you an Instagram influencer struggling to find out your top price per post? Or a marketer, trying to find out whether a blogger you want to collaborate with is overestimating his influence and promotional opportunities?

Buzzweb free Instagram Sponsored Ads Cost Calculator will help both parties.

In June 2018, Instagram revealed that it had 1 billion monthly active users, up from the 800 million reported in September 2017. This increase in monthly users made the platform the fastest growing social network. Along with the fact that according to a study by Nielsen Catalina Solutions influencer marketing generates 11 times more ROI than traditional forms of marketing, it makes Instagram influencers the most effective channel to grow one’s brand awareness and sales.

The only problem is that the industry pricing is quite confusing. Due to a widely spread services that sell fake likes and followers, influencers with similar following numbers and engagement rates turn out to be very different in reality. Moreover, distinguishing fake influencers from real is only one challenge. If you ask several real influencers with similar audience sizes and engagement rates who cover the same topic about their post prices, you will get a wide variety of them. The difference may amount to as much as 100%. This happened because there are many more factors that matter in pricing, the ones you can’t check out with no account analytics tool. Plus, some bloggers may either overestimate their actual influence or underestimate it unknowingly.

This complicated situation can only be solved with the tool that makes the blogger’s account performance metrics transparent, calculating and displaying detailed data on each of them. And there is tool just like that — Buzzweb Instagram Sponsored Ads Cost Calculator.

How does it work? Just enter the username of the influencer whose post price you would like to find out and see it on display.

Using the Buzzweb calculator, you can compare bloggers who seem to be similar and discover how and in what way their actual effectiveness and, accordingly, their prices vary.

If you are an Instagram influencer, comparing yourself with the bloggers from your niche whose proposed post value is higher, you can get important information on what your weak and strong points are and where to grow.

What can change the post price?

The price provided by the calculator is basic. It doesn’t take into account the additional requirements that a brand might have for the blogger and the peculiarities of the influencer marketing campaign. No doubt, the sponsored content price will be higher if the advertiser wants the influencer:

  • to create a detailed review of his product or service,
  • to hold a contest for the followers that is supposed to attract more attention to the post,
  • not to mention his competitors within a particular period before and after his promo content publication.

At the same time, the price of the sponsored content will be lower if the brand:

  • suggests the influencer to post a Story,
  • offers his product or service as part of the payment.

Final thoughts

If you’re planning to start working with influencers this year or develop your online fame, Instagram is a great place to start.

The challenges of the Instagram influencer marketing pricing and negotiating are overcome by Buzzweb Instagram Sponsored Ads Cost Calculator. Now the dialog between the brand and the influencer is quick and smooth.

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