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Instagram Sponsorship Cost: Free Calculator And Tips

Influencer marketing is growing faster than other formats of digital advertising. Especially, Instagram influencer marketing. There are many reasons for that: lack of adblocks on this social media platform, more focused customer targeting opportunities, better customer market penetration thanks to the fact that the audience listens to every word of the influencer it follows.

At the same time, a lot of confusing questions arise due to its rapid growth. Like what is the fair price for a sponsored post in an Instagram blogger’s feed? To get a transparent answer to this question one needs to collect and analyze a lot of data. And if the engagement rate is an easily calculated characteristic, then what about audience quality or the Instagram rating of the blogger? These are complex metrics and to take them into account third-party tools are very necessary.

Buzzweb Instagram analytics & sponsorship calculator will do the job for you

To show you the fair price for the posts in any blogger’s feed, the Buzzweb Instagram sponsorship calculator takes into account all of his key performance indicators:

  • blogger’s engagement rate;
  • the size of a blogger’s audience;
  • his audience quality;
  • his followers location;
  • and his niche.

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Buzzweb Instagram sponsorship calculator explanations to take into account

  • Influencer’s audience quality can be described with three kinds of followers. High-quality followers of the blogger are those that regularly like and comment on his content. They are his true fans. Regular followers are those real Instagram users that just follow the bloggers, but very rarely like and comment on his posts. And low-quality audience are the mass-followers that are only interested in follow-backs, and the bots.
  • Influencer’s followers’ location also matters, as those who are located in economically developed countries and are more capable of paying for products and services they see in their feed are more appreciated by the advertisers.
  • Influencer’s niche. What niches can claim a bigger price? These are narrowly focused social media influencers, those who cover exclusively one specific topic, which might be needlework, cacti cultivation, Human Relations, chemistry or any other. In turn, common topics that are covered by a crowd of influencers, like humor or fashion, are appreciated less. They are easier to find and reach out to, as there is major competition among them. And their sponsored posts might cost a bit less.

What else can influence the price of a sponsored post?

The brand might have some additional requests to the influencer it has selected for its campaign.

Here is a list of those requests that increase an influencer’s efforts on sponsored content creation, thus, raising its price:

  • If the influencer has to create and post a video on the promoted product or service, rather than an image;
  • If the influencer has to thoroughly test the product and post a comprehensive and honest review with the product’s pros and cons;
  • If the influencer has to compose and suggest several versions of content and captions to the brand for its product or service;
  • If the influencer can’t publish any post featuring brand’s competitors during a week a two after the brand’s post has been published;
  • If the influencer needs to delete spam comments and respond to questions on the promo post;
  • If the influencer is holding a contest with prizes for a brand, and needs to edit the promo post or create another one to announce the winners.

Try Buzzweb Sponsored Post Calculator for Instagram for free