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Paid Instagram posts: how much should you pay or charge?

Instagram has conquered the hearts and minds of active participants of Internet life — in 2018 it got its billionth active monthly user. Animal lovers, fashion-addicted women, cooking professionals, and fitness fans — the platform has aggregated so many people with so many different interests and hobbies, that businesses have no choice but to use this fertile place to achieve its own interests.

No surprise, in 2017 Instagram’s influencer marketing budgets have reached $1 billion. Moreover, it is going to double in 2019, according to Mediakix.

A great share of this money is going to come directly into influencers’ hands.

Learn the fair post price

So, do you want to know how much any particular blogger can charge for his post? Enter his username in the Buzzweb Paid Instagram Post Calculator to get a fair price.

The tool takes into account all the factors that determine an account’s performance. From simple ones, such as audience size — to complex ones that need to be calculated first, such as audience quality.

The provided post value is the basis that significantly eases the negotiation between the Instagram blogger and the brand representative. At the same time, since each brand and its influencer marketing campaign are unique, some additional requirements to the sponsored content may arise. They can either increase or lower its price. Here are some of them.

What can increase the basic price of the post?

  • The advertiser asks the blogger to run a giveaway, which requires the announcement of the winners. This means that when the contest is over, the blogger will need to edit his post or to leave his comment to the post to announce the winners and terms of gift delivery. In this case, the price of the post will not grow as much — by up to 10%.
  • The advertiser wants the influencer to moderate the comments to the sponsored post — delete the spam and answer the questions. The final price will depend on the average number of the comments the blogger usually gets, since the more of them he has — the more work he needs to do. Eventually, the price of the post can grow by up to 50%.
  • The advertiser wants the blogger to create a detailed video-review of his product or service, how-to-guide or X tips to use it. Since this takes more time and approvals — the price can be up to 50% higher.

What can reduce the basic price of the post?

  • A barter deal. If the blogger really likes the brand’s product or service, he can take some of it as a part of his reward.
  • Recommendations and reviews. The more reviews from the brands a blogger has — the higher are his chances to gain the attention of new sponsors. And the direct recommendation from the brand’s marketer to his fellow marketers that represent other brands is even better. So, if the brand representative offers to write a good review or to recommend the blogger to other companies — a small discount of 10-20% will work.
  • The wholesale discount. The more posts an advertiser is going to buy — the bigger the wholesale discount can be.

Final thoughts

Instagram influencer marketing has no standard rates. This happens because the bloggers who seem to be similar turn out to have different performance and efficiency, which you can’t measure without analytics tools.

Buzzweb Paid Instagram Post Calculator unсovers all the hidden sides of bloggers’ accounts, providing you with a fair and transparent value of their posts.

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