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Top Fashion Bloggers On Instagram: Brief Guide

You can find plenty of ratings devoted to top fashion bloggers on Instagram, which are composed by numerous magazines and fashion reviewers. What we want do discuss in this piece is how to work with them in order to achieve your marketing and sales goals.

Who won’t benefit

First of all, let’s talk about two peculiarities that make top fashion bloggers suitable for a specific kind of brand. These factors are the brand’s geography and niche.

The main peculiarity of working with top Instagram bloggers is the wide geography of their followers. Unlike, for example, promotion on Facebook, it is impossible to target your influencer marketing campaign. That is why promotions with top fashion bloggers on Instagram are efficient for companies that work all over the country or even global brands.

Moreover, advertising with top fashion Instagram bloggers is rarely suitable for serious B2B topics, like sale of cosmetics ingredients, fabrics or paint and decorations for them.

How to pick

While picking among a variety of top fashion bloggers, pay attention to these three things:

  1. Blogger’s quality. If a so-called top blogger has bought followers and regularly buy likes to pretend they have real influence — obviously it won’t help you grow your sales. That is why first you need check out who your blogger is — a real or a fake influencer.
  2. Blogger’s brand affinity. At this point, ask yourself a whether the blogger you are considering hiring will feel passionate about your product. Can you imagine them using it and recommending it to their friend? Does it correspond to his/her style? If you are hesitant to answer, then this is not your type of person.
  3. Blogger’s portfolio. If just two weeks ago they have published a post about your direct competitor — the blogger’s audience won’t believe they have changed their view so radically. It won’t be authentic and won’t feel sincere. Be the only sponsor in your niche or at least make sure the blogger hasn’t posted about your competitors within the last several months and agree that they won’t do it over the course of several months to come.

Where to pick

You can use Buzzweb search, which is absolutely free.

The tool also offers you an option to check out bloggers’ performance and audience as well. You can get a transparent rating for any of top fashion bloggers on Instagram, based on the candid data.

Moreover, each brand can leave a review after working with a blogger. That can help you make the right choice.

Find Instagram influencers


If novice fashion bloggers can be rewarded with your free samples and good recommendations, top fashion bloggers are worth thousands of dollars. The exact price varies greatly. It depends on the blogger’s score and performance, as well as on the number of his/her followers.

According to Buzzweb statistics, a blogger with 10m followers can ask for $65k per post and $10k per story. And $20k is fair for a post in a feed of an influencer with 3m followers.

Check list

If your company can afford such a promo budget — then you can use the campaign not only to grow sales and brand awareness, but to grow your own Instagram page specifically. Why? To convert the crowds of new motivated followers into your clients over time.

Here is a checklist to prepare your Instagram page for the campaign.

  1. Get 1-2k followers. The number of followers is a «measure of recognition». Followers attract more followers.
  2. Publish at least 30 posts. With questions to your audience, giveaways, and votes.
  3. Make sure you have likes and discussions on the posts. Comments attract more comments.

Top fashion bloggers on Instagram are a great channel to promote a variety of products and services. From shoes and jewelry to spa-salons and diet foods. Use our tips and database to work with them.