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Top Instagram Bloggers: The Picking Guide

Top Instagram bloggers are great at influencer marketing. According to our statistics, they are able to grow your brands awareness up to 10 times. However, since a post in a feed of a top Instagram blogger may cost your brand from $2 000 up to $60 000 and you’ll need upwards of 10 posts within a single campaign, your should choose them with special care. Especially considering the great variety of bloggers of all categories and characters that we have today.

Let’s talk about what three things you should consider to make the right choice of social media influencers — so that your influencer marketing campaign would work for the goals you have stated for it.

Top Instagram Bloggers: Marketing Goals

We have not mentioned the campaign goal in vain. Record in a document what figures that describe your brand awareness, sales, or client relations you want to change. What are these figures now? What figures do you want to see after the promo campaign?

Now your team should think over the next questions:

  • Are you Instagram leads different from the leads brought in by other channels?
  • What is your target audience on Instagram in this regard?
  • Which of your Instagram messages bring you the most leads?
  • Do you need to update / add more relevant messages on your IG page?
  • What do you want your target audience on Instagram to do in order to grow the figures you stated?

All these questions can be correlated with blogger characteristics below. That is why it is so important to answer them before picking the influencers to collaborate with.

Top Instagram Bloggers: How To Pick

Buzzweb search and audit tool can help you pick top Instagram bloggers for free.

With its help you can get a transparent rating for any Instagram account, based on the candid data, including your blogger’s:

  1. Real influence. This characteristic is the key that determines whether you will be able to grow stated figures or not, as fake social media influencers are common. According to New York Times, even celebrities, athletes, and pundits have millions of fake followers. Using Buzzweb you can check out whether top instagram bloggers you are considering have real influence and to what degree.
  2. Audience. The audience portrait of bloggers you are considering, should correlate with the leads that Instagram or Internet bring you at the moment. The best situation would be if the audience of your IG page coincided with the blogger’s audience. You can also compare them with the help of Buzzweb.
  3. Brand affinity. This a question of a blogger’s audience’s trust in your message they will promote. In order to understand whether they will use your product or service in their daily life, honestly recommend it or create an inspiring review, you can look through their feed in recent months, as well as use Buzzweb.

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Top Instagram bloggers are the perfect answer to the question of how to boost your brand awareness and publicity.

Spending 5 minutes to explore these three characteristics of the social media influencers you are choosing from, you will save thousands dollars of your marketing budget. The most time-consuming step here is to state the goals properly and clearly.