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Best Instagram Analytics Tools: Top 5

Best Instagram analytics tools are what you need to make your digital marketing, and smm in particular, truly efficient.

Instagram analytics is a must-have for marketers and business owners who want to to benefit from social media and attract leads using their own pages, as well as with the help of social media influencers.

  • Do you know who the followers of your page are?
  • How many Instagram users follow and unfollow you daily?
  • After which post have people followed or unfollowed you the most?
  • Which posts bring you the most attention?
  • How to pick up the best bloggers to collaborate with?

Tracking your content and the portrait of your Instagram audience helps you understand the taste and the needs of your followers. It also assists in clearly answering your potential sponsor’s inquiry as to his or her target audience characteristics coincide with your followers’ characteristics. Thus, if you’d like to establish efficient partnerships with bloggers, you should be in control of the situation and learn how to choose the best ones. And best Instagram analytics tools will help you achieve that goal.


This analytics instrument is about two great features.

The first one is a free audit of any Instagram account, which is helpful when you are choosing influencers to work with or need to audit your own page. The tool provides you with an accurate and detailed report, where you can see:

  • an account’s grade from A+, which is phenomenal, to N/A,
  • its followers quality,
  • engagement rate,
  • in case you are checking out a blogger’s page — the reviews left on it by other brands.

All these indicators can help you predict how efficient your collaboration with the influencer may be. Or how good your own page’s performance is.

Get a report on any Instagram account

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 The second feature is “audience quality”. With its help, you can figure out what share of your audience is your true fans, who can be converted to become your clients, and who counts as low-quality audience, which includes suspicious accounts, mass followers and bots. The tool also allows you to block them, thereby increasing your reach and engagement rate.

This feature will cost you $1.99.


The service offers its users analytics, activity, and content management features. Every feature includes a vast number of functions, which are impossible to fit into this article. From measuring impression and reach on your profile, posts and stories to drafting and previewing your posts from your desktop or smartphone.

However, the most unusual option, which other services lack, is the chance to identify the most influential Instagrammers posting with your hashtags.

The pricing starts at $8 per month. The tool offers a 14-day free trial.


If you’d like to keep your Instagram account active with minimal time and effort, this tool can help you a lot. It reviews your account and discovers content your audience will love the most. And that’s the essential and the most powerful of its features.

You can you the tool free of charge.


That is a solid tool that provides you with the core metrics any business owner or marketer needs. You can control your growth, engagement rate, total number of followers. You can also identify your best and worst posting times. And check out what kind of hashtags you are using.

Each metric can be displayed within a day, week or month period. Or you can keep watch each of your posts.

The service is free of charge.


The platform effectively answers four questions. How your following is number growing? What kind of content does engage your audience the most? What time do you get the most likes? What traffic does Instagram generate? The last metric is useful when you are collaborating with social media influencers.

You can test the service for free for 7 days. The subscription price starts at $25.

It’s unreasonable not to analyze your Instagram account. Use at least one of the Instagram analytics tools. Analyze your content regularly and in regard to parameters that affect your tasks. Hire the best Instagram bloggers.

Get a report on any Instagram account