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The Best Time To Post On Instagram: Brief Guide

The best time to post on Instagram is a critical knowledge for an influencer who wants to grow his / her  followers and engagement.

In case you post when most of your audience is online and ready to communicate, you’re more likely to set a high engagement rate of your post. That’s what starts next: engagement leads to visibility, which leads to engagement, which leads to visibility, and so on. This brings you online fame, new followers and advertisers. And this process starts with when you post your pic, video or story. All these mean that posting at the appropriate time is a key factor to growing your following number and popularity.

How To Pick?

Tips and studies

There are many tips and research studies on this topic. However, all of them are rather contradictory, and also contain numerous stipulations.

  • You may see some information about 3 pm not being a good posting time. Meanwhile, the weekend may be super-efficient for engaging your audience, especially if your topics are beauty and fashion, traveling and lifestyle. Or, on the other hand, it may prove a failure if your account is related to business. Especially B2B.
  • Another popular piece of advice that you may see online is the recommendation to monitor the time when profiles that are similar to yours publish their pics, because you may have similar audiences. Or even the same followers.
  • Now let’s consider the research studies. In a poll by Later, a scheduling Instagram tool, more than 50% of smm specialists said the best time to post on Instagram is lunch time between 11 am-1 pm, as well as evenings 7-9 pm. And according to another study by Later’s, where the service had independently analyzed the engagement rate of 61,000 Instagram posts, the best publishing times on Instagram are still between 2 am and 5 pm. And according to the same service’s observations, Wednesdays and Thursdays tend to drive better engagement while Mondays drive the worst.

    This is the best times to post on Instagram according to Later scheduling tool.

  • And Hopper, another Instagram planning service, has found that the best time to post on Instagram is between 6 pm and 7:30 pm during the week and around 11 am on the weekends, which is not really similar to Later research results.

As a result, each research determines a different times and days to publish the content on Instagram. And it’s very easy to explain why that happens. We are all unique. And people as creative and talented as bloggers – particularly so. That’s why each Instagram page has its unique content and following.

Account analysis

Thus, the most efficient way to find the most engaging time for your account is to find it yourself, analyzing the post statistics for a significant period of time. This can be done manually. Or by using social media management analytics tools.

Buzzweb ‘best time to post’ feature analyzes your post and demonstrates best time to post on Instagram by day. As well as the most hopeless time for your content, which won’t allow it to become popular.

And don’t forget to watch your audience quality. The higher it is — the more engagement you get when share the content at the best for your page time. How to get rid of fake followers on Instagram? You can do it manually or with the help of Buzzweb.

Final Words

Now when you know how to identify your best time to post, you can significantly increase your engagement and visibility. You can get new fans and partnerships with sponsors. You can experiment with the posting time.

And, by the way, our piece on how often to post on Instagram not to annoy your audience can also help you.

Find out your best time and day to post