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Clean Instagram Followers: The Ultimate Guide

Clean Instagram followers to increase your reach, engagement rate, and the number of your true fans. 

First, you spend two hours taking an ideal pic, plus a half an hour improving it with Photoshop. Then you come up with an excellent funny caption that your audience would really enjoy. Then you select the hashtags diligently and thoroughly. Finally, after you push the “share” button you wait impatiently for your followers’ reaction — their likes and comments. But something is wrong with Instagram. Your pics and videos don’t receive the same level of attention that they used to. Instagram is different now, and has been this way since the beginning of 2018, when its administration rolled out its new algorithm with several new rules.

If this situation is familiar to you, then it’s possible that you’re plagued by fake followers. And this article is for you.

So, let’s find out:

  1. Who are the fakers followers;
  2. What’s wrong with them;
  3. And how can you clean your Instagram audience from them.

First, check out this experiment. And then we’ll start.

Clean Instagram Followers: Who Is A Faker?

Who is a fake follower? It is an Instagram user who follows you, but doesn’t like and comment on your pictures and videos. As well, as doesn’t watch your Stories and live broadcasts. In fact, this is a follower that doesn’t interact with your content. This may be a bot, a commercial account, a mass follower, or just some inactive Instagram user. Let’s have a closer look at each type.


You can easily determine bots yourself. Their characteristics are:

  • 0 posts
  • Or several posts with some celebrities that any can find in the Internet
  • No profile picture
  • Or a profile picture with a celebrity on it
  • A username made up of random numbers

Commercial Accounts

Commercial accounts only need a mutual followers in order to turn them into their clients. They can be easily detected by:

  • The logo in a profile pic
  • The brand’s mission or product description in bio

Mass Followers

Why do we consider mass followers to be fake followers? Here’s the answer. It’s one story when a user’s feed comprises the content of 200 profiles. In that case, he likes and comments them gladly and meaningfully. Now imagine that a user follows 2,000 or 5,000, rather than 200 profiles, which is no longer rare due to the available account promotion tools. Even if the owner of such an account is glued to his phone non-stop, what are the chances that he’ll be interacting with your content?

If your follower has over 2,000 subscriptions, your chances of receiving a like, or, all the more so, a comment, from him are null. Even if, by chance, he sees your post, he’ll scroll right through it. He’s used to scrolling through photos without pausing, since he’s got so much content.

This is why we consider all people with over 2,000 subscriptions to be fakers. And this is why in case of mass followers everything is clear. They are:

  • Profiles who follow over 2k of Instagram accounts
  • And profiles with high ratio of people they follow to followers. For example, 5 followers and 400 follows

Inactive Followers

The only problem is determining who are the inactive followers among the real people who follow you. It’s impossible to find them manually. And not every tool can help you with it.

Clean Instagram Followers: Should You Care?

Do you think you should care about fakers among your audience? The answer depends on your purpose. For some Instagramers, fakers aren’t a problem. Even though fake followers don’t like and comment on content, they’re still considered as your Instagram audience and are included in your total number of followers. Big following number is what some Instagram users want to observe and demonstrate to other platform users. And in this case, fakers are a perfect solution and a desirable thing. Even TV and movie stars buy fake followers. This way they are trying to pretend that they are more famous and in demand than they actually are.

There are a lot of online platforms where you can buy fake followers. It is cheap and fast. That is why there are so many fake Instagram influencers and co-called «celebrities».

The Pitfall

As you can see there is nothing terrible in fake followers if your goals is a big following number. However, serious internet marketers, SMM-specialists, and social media influencers don’t consider a high follower number alone seriously. A following number is not enough to make them happy. Influencers need to have active followers who interact with their posts, especially, sponsored ones. The higher is the engagement rate of a sponsored post — the higher are the chances to attract more contracts and sponsors. And brands need to generate leads and sales. Or at least grow brand awareness. Otherwise, there is no need to spend time and money on a SMM-manager who is in charge of brand’s Instagram account. However, a fake follower will never buy their product or recommend it to his friend.

That is why engagement rate take the center stage. And in this case, fake followers are the ones spoiling this metric. To prove this we have an example for you.

Let’s Count

Let’s us perform some simple calculations.

Imagine you had 1,000 followers in April. On average, you received 70 likes and 30 comments per post. That means, the average engagement rate of your post would be 10%.

Then in May, you bought 10,000 followers. Now you have 11,000 followers. But they are actually fake followers, since, in fact, they were paid for following, rather than admire and love you and your content. So, your new followers won’t like or comment on your posts. They won’t watch your Stories.

This means the number of likes and comments per post will not change. And now your engagement will turn into 0,9%.

Vicious Cycle

But that’s not all.

After Instagram has rolled over its new rules, content in its user’s feeds is arranged based on the attention it receives. The more likes and comments your post gets in the first minutes after being published — the higher is its reach.

So, how do you think, which of two posts would the platform prefer? The first that has 10% engagement? Or the second that has 0,9% engagement? The answer is obvious.

Now, when your engagement rate has fallen to 0,9%, you have deprived your content of an opportunity of getting into top posts and recommendations. You content is now also less likely to appear in your true fans’ news feeds because the social media platform is showing your content to fewer of its users than before. That means that your engagement rate will fall one more time. And now even fewer of your followers are able to notice it. That is why your engagement rate falls once more time. So, fewer and fewer of your followers see the post. That is a kind of a vicious cycle. And it starts with fake followers.

A Couple Of Words About Security

Besides decreasing your engagement rate, bots also threaten your security. Have you noticed suspicious links in the profiles of some Instagram users? What about the invitations to make some easy money? Some bots may be associated with phishing and internet fraud. That is why there is one more reason why you should get rid of them — to protect your genuine followers.

Clean Instagram Followers: Options?

How to get rid of fake followers on Instagram? You can rely on Buzzweb. You need to do the following:

  1. Connect your Instagram account.
  2. Launch the «audience quality» tool and see who your followers are.
  3. Block those who spoil your social media performance.

You can notice some explanations on each type of your audience and tips on what to do with it. For example, tips on activating your regular audience, which is represented by real people that like and comment on your posts not very often.

Inactive Followers

There is a great advantage in cleaning your Instagram followers with the help of Buzzweb. The tool is able to determine your inactive followers — those real people who follow you but ignore your content. In fact, they also decrease your engagement rate and that is why counted as the fakers.

The system separately shows private accounts that follow you but don’t interact with your content.

The Result

After cleaning Instagram followers your reach and engagement rate will grow. Here at Buzzweb we notice that Instagram accounts with no fake followers have 2% higher engagement than accounts with similar-sized following that include fakers. That means you can grow active followers more fast. You content can get to recommendations and top posts. And you can increase the price of a sponsored content.

Clean Instagram Followers: Final Words

Yes, it’s certainly psychologically difficult to get rid of several dozen, or even several hundred followers. They create the first impression of your profile. But you’ll receive a lot more in return. You’ll get new, real followers and an increase in engagement. As well as new sponsor contracts.

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