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Сleaner For Instagram: Tools & Features

Сleaner For Instagram is a vital instrument for any blogger or SMM-professional to have.

In a perfect pink-pony world, only the interested followers subscribe to your account, and the feed is full of exclusively engaging posts. In the real world, your subscribers include inanimate bots, impersonal business profiles and profiles that do not show any sign of activity.

That’s why the number of followers is not a feather in the cap, but a source of major headache for the account owner. The reason for it is the ranking of news feed posts according to behavioral data. Simply put, if you have many inactive followers who do not like, comment, or even see your posts, organic engagement drops, and your posts are seen by fewer and fewer people. That’s why you need to clear your Instagram account of ghost followers.

In this article, we’ll examine the 4 best services that will help you get rid of ghost followers.

Сleaner For Instagram: 4 Tools To Check Out


Experts review: Buzzweb is an online service which is also represented by an app. The most convenient instrument on our list to get rid of ghost followers. You hook up your account and enter the ‘audience quality’ section. The system will show you what your audience is like. Then you’ll be able to get rid of those followers that ruin your social media performance.

You can get a portrait of your audience for free. Blocking will cost $1.99 a month. You can also take advantage of the 7-day trial period.

Operating system: iOS
Category: Analytics & tracking

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Spam Guard

Experts review: The tool can be used only on your computer. This is the only service on our list that allows to work with several accounts. A slight inconvenience is the fact that its use is somewhat complicated. No one likes working with lists. And here you have to go through the profiles that the service doesn’t like, and white-list the ones that should stay. Otherwise they will be deleted.

The price of using the service is calculated individually for each account. Enter your account name on the service’s main page and find out your personal price.

You can test the service prior to using it – analyze 30% of your followers and subscriptions and clear out up to 1,000 undesirable followers and subscriptions.

Category: Analytics & tracking

Mass Unfollow For Instagram

Experts review: The tool is simple as it gets. Allows to mass block the bots, identify mass unfollows, as well as unlike photos and delete posts.

Coins are accepted as payment for mass blocking. You can earn them by watching advertisement videos. Or buy an unlimited amount for $1.99.

Operating system: iOS, Android
Category: Tracking

Follow Cop

Experts review: This is another simple app that can help you. Click on the “Ghost followers” section, and you’ll see a list of users who never like or comment on your posts.

The app is free, but some users are complaining about a huge number of advertisements. You can pay $6 and disable the ads.

Operating system: Android
Category: Tracking

Сleaner For Instagram: Conclusion

Usually ratings like this include 5-7 instruments. But there are currently just 4 decent ones. Some are no longer around because of the Instagram API change. And some – mostly various mobile apps – work entirely incorrectly, and will not help you in cleaning up your audience. But we’re sure that you’ll be able to find one that suits your needs among these 4 services.

The time when the number of subscribers was a crucial indicator is gone. Now the majority of users never goes to other people’s pages any more, since the smart newsfeed displays the most interesting posts on its own. That’s why you need to fight for the first spots in the newsfeed with quality content and continuous work with your subscribers.

Blocking bots on Instagram is useful, but it has to become a priority.

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