Dash Hudson: Choosing The Best Instagram Growth Tool

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Dash Hudson: Features, Pros, And Cons

Dash Hudson is a solution that aims to help you essentially grow traffic from your Instagram page and monetize it. It provides you with a variety of tools to generate, explore, distribute, measure, and grow the engagement of your content. It works the best for Luxury, Fashion, Beauty, Travel and Publishing industries.

Dash Hudson Features


This feature allows you to link photos to certain web URLs. It also solves the main problem of brands promoting their products on Instagram — no more places for links except bio.

Moreover, LikeShop has its own set of analytics tools that, for example, allow you to see which posts drive sales up and which ones make visitors spend more time on your site.


Influencer ROI

From the very beginning, Dash Hudson can advise you what influencers to choose. But the main thing is that during the influencer marketing campaign, the tool identifies which of the social media influencers you are working with has the greatest engagement rate within your sponsored posts, as well as which of them bring you the most new followers.


Here you can see all basic metrics, such as post performance, followers’ characteristics and profile growth.

And there are also two outstanding options. The first one is follower insight, which allows you to check out whether any of your content has been tagged in or mentioned in a comment. And the second one is content segmentation, which can help you divide your content into categories you want to track and analyze them separately: product types, influencer marketing campaigns, etc.

Cons: not enough audience insights. For instance, there’s no opportunity to track who has unfollowed you and your new followers, which can be helpful in understanding what content is the most effective for your target audience.

Moreover, you can’t see your general audience quality. Who are they? Your real fans or just mass followers and inactive Instagram users. A tip here is to use an additional tool like Buzzweb with its “new followers / unfollowers” and “audience quality” tools.

With the help of the second tool you can not only check out your audience quality but also block your ghost followers to significantly grow the engagement rate and reach of your content.



The tool saves a lot of your time by offering the option of planning the content in advance and seeing what the feed will look like.

Cons: there’s no option to check out your best time to post, which is essential to know if you want to achieve the best results. Here you can also use Buzzweb with its “best time to post” feature.

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Instagram Promotion

If you notice that your new post gets more like and comments than your average post does, you can boost its performance even more with a simple click.

User-Generated Content

The platform identifies all the content your Instagram page has been tagged in. If it finds something particularly outstanding, it will notify you, so that you can like, comment, or share the post. You can also click on a piece to request the rights to use it.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is on the rise. 72% of Instagrammers state that they have made a fashion- or beauty-related purchase after seeing the product there. The platform can bring up your brand awareness and sales. And if you want them to be significant — use solid growing tools like Dash Hudson and additional easy-to-use ones like Buzzweb. The more opportunities you use — the more will be your benefit.