Follower Tracker Instagram: How To Use It To Boost All Performance Indicators

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Follower Tracker Instagram: The Ultimate Guide

Follower tracker Instagram is a useful tool that can help your page attain its fullest potential. It allows you to get behind the scenes of your account and see the inner mechanisms. The trick behind this is simple – once you know exactly what to post, when and for whom, you will keep winning the attention of your followers and increasing their numbers. Let’s review the indicators that, if tracked, will help you perform better and better.

Follower Tracker Instagram Capabilities

1. Indicator: Follows And Unfollows

How to use: The number of unfollowers is also an indicator of loyalty and signals what you are doing right or wrong. You can see how effectively you are attracting new followers and how you are managing to keep them.

Here is Buzzweb tracking follows/unfollows tool:

Hints: The number of daily unfollows can also describe your audience quality. If you have many of those within a month, but your following is still growing — then your new followers are mainly mass followers. That means that your content isn’t that engaging for real fans.

2. Indicator: Engagement Rate

How to use: Instagram tracker monitors engagement at its core by providing you with information regarding the actions of your audience. Whether it’s a “like”, a new comment or a direct message, you won’t miss it. And what’s even better, every action like this will be recorded and considered in the analytics. As a result, you can create more successful posts which will boost the engagement of your fans.

That how Buzzweb can help you track your engagement rate, likes, and comments:

Hints: Right after the publication of a new post, we recommend tracking the activities of your followers and replying to their comments as quickly as possible. Your objective should be to initiate a conversation with the followers in the comments thread. The more activity there is in the first minutes following the new post publication, the higher the post engagement rate will be and the greater the number of your followers it will be shown to.

3. Indicator: Audience Profile

How to use: Instagram tracker can describe your audience better than any marketing study. Even if you think that you have a profile of your target audience, without an external tool you cannot know that for sure. This tool can grasp it in terms of their origin, gender, demographics and age. By the end of the day, this information will help you create the content which will be appraised and welcomed by your followers.

The chart below shows you a sample of your audience characteristics that you can check out using Buzzweb:

Hint: Based on the age of your audience, you can choose the best communication channel. For instance, the polls are welcomed pretty much by everybody, whereas Generation Z favors live streams.

4. Indicator: The Best Time For Posting

How to use: Posting time influences the engagement level of your posts. Either it’s a certain day or days of the week or certain hours, you will know it based on your own analytics. Stop relying on studies that have nothing to do with your particular followers. Now it’s in your powers to plan new posts based on this data in order to squeeze out the maximum engagement you can get.

That is Buzzweb «best time to post» tool:

Hints: The best times for posting also shows how frequently you need to post. For instance, if the tool shows you 4 peak times per week, that means that 4 posts will be enough for your audience to keep a high engagement level. It’s also recommended to post just before the peak time begins in order to cover the entire period.

5. Indicator: The Most And Least Popular Posts

How to use: A solid tool that will identify your best and worst posts, so you will be certain about what you are doing right and wrong. As a result, you will be able to analyze the elements — e.g. hashtags, colors, writings, types and so on — that distinguish the most popular posts from the least popular ones, and improve rapidly.

Use Buzzweb to sort your content by engagement and click «post diagnostics» to analyze each of your post:

Hints: Watch out for the number of words in the comments. Ideally the comment shouldn’t contain fewer than 4 words or it will not be taken into account by Instagram as an indicator of engagement. Starting with early 2018, the new Instagram algorithm considers comments with less than 4 words as untrustworthy, because very often they were produced by bots.

6. Indicator: Audience Quality

How to use: The best trackers will sort out your real fans from the bots. This will provide you with the real picture of your account health. This data will give you the realistic picture and understanding of what sources you need to use to attract quality accounts and real people.

Buzzweb «audience quality» tool can help you to identify your fake followers and block them:

Hints: Blocking over 300 fake accounts per day is not recommended in order to avoid any suspicions from Instagram.

Follower Tracker Instagram: On A Final Note

As a result, you will not need to spend hours guessing and generating strategies using the rule of thumb. Together with the tools that allow you to track followers on Instagram, you will have the exact guidance to follow, so that you can focus on creative or business aspects of your work and be sure that all the technicalities are fully taken care of.

Eventually, tracker tools for Instagram can eliminate all the questions you may have about the possible case scenarios.