Get Rid Of Ghost Followers On Instagram: How?

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Get Rid Of Ghost Followers On Instagram: Full Guide

Get rid of ghost followers on Instagram to grow your social media performance and keep yourself and your true fans safe.

Instagram has become in effect the most actively developing social media service. According to Statista, in June 2016, there were 500 million active monthly users. And in September 2017, the platform boasts 800 million users.

Meanwhile, the platform’s team is not just basking in their success, it is developing the project. Users are developing along with it. The number of Instagram followers is something to be proud of and boast about. Users are constantly searching for new ways to increase the number of followers. That’s why mass followers and bots emerged. Let’s add the business accounts that only need a mutual follower in order to turn him/her into a client. Another issue is the passive accounts that have followed you and forgot all about it. All of them comprise a huge stratum of ghost followers.

Get Rid Of Ghost Followers On Instagram: What For?

Here are some reasons why you should focus on searching and blocking ghost followers within your audience.

  1. Due to the new Instagram algorithm, ghost followers can make your content invisible to your real fans. That happens due to the fact that when the post is published, it is first shown to only 10% of your followers. And only if it gathers the required number of likes and comments, it is shown to the remaining 90%. And if these 10% consist entirely of ghost followers, you can count the post out. No one will see it.
  2. Ghost followers create unnecessary informational noise and threaten your safety. First of all, they may fill your feed with advertising. Secondly, they may spread illegal content. Thirdly, they can be engaged in fraud, i.e. phishing or infecting computers with malware.
  3. Ghost followers will never purchase a product that your sponsor has paid you to promote.
  4. Ghost followers don’t ‘like’ or comment posts, they do not view your Stories, they are decreasing your reach and engagement.

Get Rid Of Ghost Followers On Instagram: How?

How to get rid of fake followers on Instagram? You can single out and block them in two different ways.

The first one is manual. It will work for you if you have 1k -2k followers. In this case, as you go through your subscriber list, open each profile and block it if it belongs to a ghost follower. These are the metrics that you should be guided by when blocking:

  • A follower has more than 2,000 subscriptions. He/she simply won’t see your content in their feed.
  • The profile belongs to a business account. All it needs from you is a mutual subscription and, ideally, your money.
  • The profile has no avatar. There are just a couple of photographs on the page. That means it’s a bot.
  • There’s a photo of a celebrity in the profile. And all the page contains are several publicly available photos that you can find online. It’s also a bot.
  • The profile’s bio contains a call to make some easy money and a questionable link. It’s either fraud or phishing.

What you cannot do manually is determine which normal, real people just aren’t liking your posts or watching your stories and broadcasts. However, such passive followers who are ignoring your content may also stand in the way of your development.

The second method are the special instruments. They will be convenient for those with over 2k followers.

Buzzweb is one of such instruments. With its assistance, you can gauge the makeup of your audience. And block those who are interfering with the development and monetization of your profile.

Buzzweb’s advantage is that it also determines passive followers — real people, who see, but still ignore your content for some reason.