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How To Grow Instagram Followers: Use Hype

How to grow Instagram followers is a great issue for bloggers who have just started their blogs. And here is a good answer. Today’s social media pivots around hype almost entirely, if not completely. That includes the secret of how to grow Instagram followers. Trendy content demonstrates high efficiency. It resonates with poignant discussion topics, that’s why they are quicker and easier received by the Instagram audience.

How do you trace hype?

  1. Determine the platform for your analysisYouTube hype on a certain topic does not always mean that it’ll get a response on Instagram. However, it might be helpful to analyze top-ranked YouTube videos, challenges and hot discussions and flash mobs by their relevance.
  2. Identify your audienceThink of whose attention you will attract. How old is your audience, which cities does it come from, what languages does it speak, what are its interests?

    That’s where the free Buzzweb ‘audience insights’ tool will help you. Receive your audience social and demographic data and test your hype content on it.

    A tip — get rid of fake followers to maintain a high quality of your audience. This will help you to increase social media reach of your content. Learn how to get rid of fake followers on Instagram and see how the amount of your real fans is growing.

  3. Study the Instagram and YouTube accounts of top bloggersWhat bloggers your audience does find interesting? Take a look at the YouTube top rating. Explore Instagram top posts related to your hashtags and recommendations. You have to find recurring topics in the content – resonant discussions, flash mobs, challenges. And then analyze their relevance.

    A tip — explore the pages of top bloggers to find out how often to post on Instagram.

How do you create hype content?

Creation of advertising materials should be divided into three stages.

  1. Develop ideasRecall formats and images used by other bloggers. For that purpose, you should go through the most popular relevant posts and videos.Don’t try to come up with an idea using exclusively your rational mind. Tune in to your subconscious – think about your idea before you go to bed on during a stroll. That’s when unfocused thinking switches on, helping you come up with the most non-standard solutions.
  2. Check your ideasWhich of your previous posts have elicited the greatest response from the audience? Find them and analyze their message. Examine the ways in which they differ from the rest of your content – was it something in the style, the image, your tone? Bring it into a correlation with the content that you’re planning to hype up. The comments to your most popular posts will also hint at some interesting tricks that you might not have thought of otherwise.

    Buzzweb and its post analytics tool will also help you find and analyze your top and flat posts for free.

  3. Create contentWhen coming up with materials, pay attention to quality. All formats besides memes require the materials to be as high-quality as possible, vivid and attractive. Hi-resolution images, quality design, well-deliberated editing – that’s half the success.

    However, if you’re creating memes, quality may interfere with your concept. Don’t carry folk art up to the level of polished advertising creations. They’ll lose both in value and humor.


Let’s remind ourselves once again of the rules for creating hype content that will make you proud rather than leave you blushing

  1. Use only trendy topics. No one cares for old hype.
  2. Make sure the topic corresponds to your followers’ interests. Resonant discussions differ between different platforms and socio-demographic groups.
  3. Draw on the experience of your most popular posts.
  4. Create a natural product. Check your ideas against the experience of your previous posts.
  5. Work on the quality, but don’t overdo it.

Hype is a good answer to the question of how to grow Instagram followers. But, just as with any instrument, you have to use it with care and not overplay it. And here’s where the Buzzweb tools come in to help you conduct preliminary work.

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