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How much can I make on Instagram? Find out now

Buzzweb Sponsored Post Calculator for Instagram takes into account all the performance metrics of your IG account that matter to any advertiser to deliver you the accurate and transparent value of your post.

The fair price of a sponsored post in a blogger’s Instagram account depends on a variety of factors. These are not just simple account characteristics like audience size and engagement rate, but also complex ones, like audience quality, which you can’t know exactly without special tools.

Complex performance metrics of the account are one of the reasons why Instagram bloggers that seem to be similar are, in fact, very different and why they can expect a different reward from the advertisers. These differences in performance metrics are also the reason why a simple comparison of your account with other bloggers from a similar niche and with a similar audience size won’t work when deciding on your post price. You can underestimate your account and lose some money. Or, conversely, choose too high a price for your blog so that you won’t get any collaboration requests from brands. And lose even more.

Buzzweb free calculator is an instant way to find out your post value

So, you want to know your best price per sponsored post? Or the price per post of top bloggers from your niche? Just enter the account username you are interested in.

Get the unbiased post value and check out each of the performance indicators that has contributed it.

Do you want to earn more?

Knowing the weak points of your account will help you improve it. One of the easiest ways to increase your price per post is to grow your audience quality. That simply means getting rid of bots and mass followers that spoil your engagement rate and reach. How does it happen?

According to the new Instagram algorithm, each of your new posts is shown to only 10% of your followers. If the post gets enough of their likes and comments or a high engagement rate, it is shown to a greater share of your audience, getting more reach. Greater reach leads to even greater engagement rate, which leads to greater reach. And so on.

Bots and mass followers don’t interact with your content, thus reducing your engagement rate and reach. As brands are interested in paying for potential clients among your audience, and they don’t want to spend money on followers who don’t even interact with their sponsored post, your total number of followers is not as important as your follower quality.

Another trick in improving your audience quality is holding different kinds of contests that activate those of your followers who are real people but do not your posts very often. A giveaway with simple rules, where they merely need to comment on your posts or like several of them to win, can motivate them to do this.

What can increase the price per sponsored post?

The post value provided by Buzzweb is a basic one. The final price depends on the advertiser’s requirements for the content. Generally, you can charge a higher price if the advertiser wants you to:

  • create a thoughtful and detailed review of the brand’s product;
  • create and post a video;
  • hold a giveaway or any other kind of promo action that will take more of your time to moderate the comments, announce the winners, etc;
  • not to mention its competitors within several days before and after its sponsored post;
  • tag your followers or other bloggers in the post.

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