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Hypefactory: More Tools To Earn On Instagram

Hypefactory is a new influencer marketing platform where you can find sponsors. What you need to do is sign up for free, and then choose the campaigns you like and apply to them with your promo concept and price. If the advertiser likes you, he will respond. Or a brand can find you itself using multiple filters.

Here comes the two questions that are essential for any influencer:

  • How can you make your profile more visible for a brand searching for its ambassador on Instagram?
  • And how can you earn more?

Hypefactory partially answers both of these questions. Together with the marketplace, the platform provides you with important statistics of your profile, such as audience demographics, likes, engagement rate, and your audience quality score. All this info might be useful in understanding:

  • What kind of promotion you can suggest to an advertiser so that it would be efficient?
  • What price would be fair for it?
  • Which of your key performance metrics and in what way you should grow to become more in-demand?

Hypefactory: boost your page before applying to campaigns

However, since there is no way to influence your content performance and key profile metrics using Hyperfactory, you need some tool designed to do this. It’s important, because once the brand has refused your candidacy it will hardly ever consider you again.

What tools can help you to work out your profile? There are plenty of them. However, we think the Buzzweb all-in-one growth tool will work the best for you.

Buzzweb features to grow your performance

  1. Audience quality. Its like Hypefactory’s audience quality score, but here you can see exactly who your audience is comprised of. The feature analyzes your followers and displays their makeup. Here you can also block ghost followers, who decrease your engagement rate, thus spoiling your post reach and preventing the growth of the number of real fans among followers.
  2. New followers / unfollowers. This feature allows you to monitor who follows and unfollows you daily. This might help you understand which of your pics / videos and hashtags attract quality followers. And which draw in the bots.
  3. Best days and time to post. The feature shows when most of your audience is online and when your posts drive the best engagement.
  4. Post diagnostics. This feature analyzes your content performance. Here you can see two kinds of things that describe each of your posts. The recommendations on what you could do to make your future posts more engaging and visible. And the list of actions that were efficient and should be repeated the next time.

As a conclusion

Before applying to influencer marketing campaigns on Hypefactory, you have to figure out what you can change to improve. Once the advertiser has refused your candidacy he / she will hardly ever consider it again. So, increase your chances of attracting a brand’s attention by working out your performance and key page metric.