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Iconosquare Review And Guide

Iconosquare is one of the most popular tools for marketers for promoting their brands on Instagram. According to such review resources as G2 Crowd and Capterra, it’s rated 4,5 out of 5 stars.

The tool has plenty of features that are divided into 3 categories:

1. Analytics

  • key metric tracking: followers, engagement, reach, posts and stories performance),
  • audience portrait
  • time when most of your audience is online,
  • best time to post,
  • most influential posts on hashtag,
  • visualization where people are posting using your hashtag(s),
  • competitors tracking,
  • compare your performance with competitors’,
  • competitors’ deep insights.

2. Activity

  • handle unlimited Instagram accounts,
  • create your own customized Instagram* feeds,
  • track and export all comments received on your latest media,
  • reply to comments individually,
  • mark them as read and delete inappropriate ones,
  • track media where you’re tagged and mentioned.

3. Publishing

  • upload photos and videos,
  • draft and preview your posts,
  • save captions and hashtags,
  • visualize your future posts,
  • preview how your Instagram feed will look with scheduled content,
  • get notified when it’s time to post.

Iconosquare review: 3 most helpful features for marketers

Let’s review the service’s 3 most outstanding features, which other Instagram tools haven’t realized yet, and see how exactly they can help you grow your performance.

1. Competitor’s deep insights

The feature allows you to monitor and analyze your competitors or, in fact, any profile’s performance. In particular:

  • follower growth,
  • average number of likes and comments,
  • engagement rate,
  • posting habits,
  • most used hashtags,
  • top performing media.

A tip: one more helpful tool is the free Buzzweb extension for Google Chrome. With its help you can find out any profile’s:

  • notable engagements,
  • paid posts’ performance,
  • interests,
  • brand affinity,
  • most popular hashtags and mentions,
  • followers’ credibility,
  • followers’ age, gender and location split,
  • followers’ interests,
  • followers’ brand affinity.

2. Visualization of where people are posting using your hashtag(s)

That is a feature that’s fun and at the same time useful for marketers, which helps make serious decisions. Based on the data of users posting with your hashtags, you can identify places of concentration of your customers and potential customers. And that information may be used for plenty of purposes. Like selecting the places for your promo events, or determining the portrait of your target audience.

3. Comment management

This feature allows you to reply to comments individually, mark them as read and delete spam and inappropriate ones.

Iconosquare review: the only con

It is impossible to observe and influence your audience quality via the tool.

After Instagram has implemented its new algorithm, the more bots, mass followers and just inactive followers who don’t interact with your content you have — the lower is its reach and engagement rate. So, a feature that controls your audience quality is a thing that can help you keep pace with Instagram and grow.

A tip: Buzzweb can help you once more with its “audience quality” feature. You can check out your followers composition for free and get rid of those users that spoil your development.

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Iconosquare pricing as a conclusion

Iconosquare pricing depends on several parameters — how many social profiles you are working with and how many team members need to have the access to the tool. The lowest tariff is $34. And if you represent an agency, then the pricing is a thing to be discussed with Iconosquare’s sales manager. However, a great number of tools for any purpose makes your work with Instagram transparent and helps achieve your brand marketing goals.