Instagram Followers Tracker: Top 6 Tools

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Instagram Followers Tracker: Top 6 Review

Instagram followers tracker tools are a must have for those social media influencers and smm-specialists who want to grow their followers without damage to their audience quality.

However, tracking is a very labor-intensive task if you don’t have the right tools. And recently the platform itself has complicated this task by cutting off the access to its API for the developers of various supplementary software. If you have already tried to use any of tools that claimed to show you who followed and unfollowed you, but noticed that it doesn’t work, this is because of the changes made to the Instagram API. That might explain why a plenty of services don’t work.

There are, however, a few good tools out there that can still help you out. Let’s consider them.

Instagram Followers Tracker: Tools

What’s more convenient for you? A mobile app, an online service or an extension? Android или IOS? You’ll find a tool that works for you on our list.

1. FollowMeter

FollowMeter is an app available for both platforms — iOS and Android.

The basic functions are free. These include the monitoring of the number of gained and lost followers together with some fun statistics like your most and least liked posts and your best and worst followers.

The expanded set of functions, which includes the chance to get featured daily in the app’s discover section, requires payment. These will not, however, be of direct use for your account’s development.


Category — tracking
Operating system — iOS, Android
Experts conclusion — useful and fun. Can help you to track basic metrics.

2. Buzzweb

Buzzweb is a full-fledged online service. Plus, there is also an iOS app for it. And a Google Chrome extension, which will let you keep your finger on the pulse and control the key metrics.

The service’s main features are, as it follows from the article title, various monitoring functions — the number of followers, follows/unfollows, engagement rate, audience portrait. It also provides Instagram audit free.

At the same time Buzzweb also offers functions that are unique. «Audience quality» feature allows to single out fake followers and block them, thus raising your average reach and engagement rate. And «post diagnostics» function analyzes each of your posts and provides recommendations, helping you make each subsequent post better.


Category — analytics and tracking
Operating system — iOS
Experts conclusion — an easy to use tool that provides you with deep analytics and tracks all necessary performance indicators.

3. Followers Tracker Pro

Followers Tracker Pro is an iOS app.

This is another tool with a basic set of tracking functions. They are all fast and reliably. You can monitor your new followers and unfollowers. You can see users who aren’t mutually following you, and those whom you aren’t mutually following.

There’s a bonus — you can delete likes and comments at one click. That’s about all for unusual functions.


Category — tracking
Operating system — iOS
Experts conclusion — a solid tool with basic and some extra features.

4. Follow Cop

Follow Cop is an Android app.

Besides the fact that you can check people who don’t mutually follow you on Instagram and people who unfollowed you recently, you can also instantly use the mass unfollow feature. It allows to unfollow 20 people with one click.

Not many functions but they are simple, work well, and can really help you.


Category — tracking
Operating system — Android
Experts conclusion — a simple and reliable. Tracks basic metrics and helps to get rid of ghost followers.

5. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a track followers service for Instagram and Twitter. You can install it both on your mobile phone and on your computer.

Using this service you can find out what profiles have unfollowed you and who are your inactive followers. This one is a must-have. The app can also help you identify your new follower opportunities due to a feature that locates relevant Instagramers to follow based on the hashtags you use. And there’s a postponed posting function, which is a useful one. All of this works well and fast.

However, the rest of the functions, which are numerous, really overload the tool. It’s hard to figure them all out at the outset. It’s sometimes difficult to find what you need. And you definitely don’t need all of them.


Category — analytics, planning and tracking
Experts conclusion — a great tool to grow your IG account. However, there are some difficulties in finding and understanding all the features and their opportunities.

6. InstaFollow

This tool is available for iOS (it’s called InsTrack there) and Android mobile users.

It is a very simple service which provides insight specifically about your audience on Instagram. With its help you’ll be able to track new followers and unfollowers, as well as followers who you don’t follow back, and users who you do follow that don’t follow you back.


Category — tracking
Operating system — iOS, Android
Experts conclusion — one the one hand, you won’t be able to enjoy any specific tricky features. One the other hand the app is very simple and quite reliable.

Instagram Followers Tracker: Conclusion

As an influencer, and even more so as a brand ambassador, there’s no point for you to putting in the effort to make your page work for you if you’re not going to monitor it and act on the results. Knowing your key metrics, you are able to get a better handle on how to engage your followers and how you can increase your following. Choose and check out any of these Instagram services and start making more thoughtful and organized decisions and finding more sponsors.