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Instagram Money Calculator: Learn Anyone’s Post Value Now

If you have ever asked yourself how much you are able to make on your Instagram page — then Buzzweb Instagram Money Calculator is just for you. It will instantly give you your fair post price, taking into the account all the metrics of your page that matter for an advertiser.

Instagram is now not only a place for your leisure and entertainment, but a source of big money. In 2017, instagram influencer marketing industry budget has reached $1 billion. And, according to Mediakix, it will more than double in 2019.

A solid share of this money is going to go into Instagram influencers’ pockets. How much can you earn with your Instagram account? Find out now.

Buzzweb Instagram Money Calculator

Just enter your username, and you will learn what value per sponsored post is fair for your Instagram account. No sign-ups, no registrations, no fee.

The Buzzweb Calculator calculates all the key performance metrics of your Instagram account that are important for the advertiser: your audience size, its quality and location, engagement rate, and niche. The higher are the figures — the more expensive can your post be.

In fact, you can check out the value for any Instagram blogger you are interested in and compare the key metrics that influence your value. Knowing the key figures of your fellow bloggers can help you grow your own page.

What else can influence the price of the sponsored post?

Buzzweb Instagram Money Calculator is the solid basis on which you can rely in determining your price per sponsored post. However, keep in mind that the price of each particular collaboration is determined by you and the advertiser individually, as it also depends on the additional requirements that the advertiser might have.

When does the price of the posts increase? These may be the situations when the advertiser:

  • wants you to create and post a video, not just a picture;
  • asks you to thoroughly test his product or service and publish a detailed review of it;
  • asks you not to post any promo of his competitors within a week or two after you publish his promo post;
  • suggests you hold a giveaway, which implies that you will need to announce it in your bio, plus edit the promo post or create a new one to announce the winners;
  • wants you to moderate the comments on his post, deleting all the spam and answering all the questions.

When can the price of the posts be lower? When the brand:

  • is going to order several posts from you and is asking for a wholesale discount. In that case a separate post will cost less, but your total revenue will grow. This also means that the brand is sure you are a good fit for it;
  • the brand representative is ready to write a review on his collaboration with you, which you can add to you media kit, or promises to recommend you to his colleagues from other companies. This will essentially help you to get more sponsors;
  • is the brand that your were dreaming to promote — someone who manufactures your favorite lipstick, perfume, shoes or candies. It was fate that brought you together 🙂

So, are you ready to find out your post value? Ready or not, better do it now.

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