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Instagram Tracking: Key Metric

Instagram tracking is what you need if you want to monetize your account. When you possess the required data, you can improve your results and answer your potential sponsor’s questions clearly.

What kinds of metrics are there? The number of followers, number of daily follows and unfollows, the number of likes…

Let’s talk about the key metric, which is crucial to track in order to grow the number of followers and attract more sponsor offers. This metric is your engagement rate.

Instagram Tracking: What To Track?

Advertisers and infleuncers have finally understood that 10 likes in the presence of 10,000 followers is not a good result, and began to evaluate engagement.

It is the engagement rate that’s becoming the focus of attention of brands looking for ambassadors. The total number of followers is no longer an indicator of the power of your influence. Real influence is how closely your followers listen to you. And on Instagram is it is expressed by the number of likes and comments.

The formula for calculating the engagement rate is as follows: likes&comments / number of followers x 100%.

This is how we calculate the engagement rate for one post. However, this approach is not representative for evaluating an account.

That’s why it’s best to gather information for the last 20 posts, and calculate as follows: likes & comments of the last 20 posts / 20 / number of followers x 100%.

Micro influencers have the greatest engagement rate. And the more followers you have – the lower is the engagement rate. We at Buzzweb think that an engagement rate of 3% for an account with 50K followers is decent, and everything above that is excellent. With under 10K followers, the engagement rate should not go under 5%. If it’s higher – we’re happy for you. If it’s lower – our sympathies, and we will inform you below on how to flip the situation.

Instagram Tracking: Components Of The Key Metric

There are two main factors that affect your content’s engagement. It is the quality of your content and your audience quality. We attribute all of the content’s potential characteristics to comprise content quality:

  • captions;
  • presence of a geo tag;
  • time of posting;
  • the fact that according to the new Instagram algorithm you can’t edit captions within the first 24 hours in order to increase;
  • the engagement rate;
  • number of hashtags;
  • excessive use of text on photos;
  • and much more.

So, the engagement rate is primarily the work on quality of followers and content. Here’s where the two initial metrics, which need to be monitored and improved, emerge in order for your engagement rate to keep you and your advertisers happy.

Audience quality

Bots, mass followers, business accounts, inactive followers – all of these are ghost followers. And you need to get rid of them to grow your audience quality. How to get rid of fake followers on Instagram? If you have under 1,000 followers, you can definitely do it manually. If there are more, you can use the Buzzweb’s “audience quality” tool.

This instrument will give you a complete breakdown of your audience. It will also help block ghost followers.

After a cleaning you engagement rate will increase. We note a 2% growth on the average.

Content quality

If you take this seriously – every post should be analyzed. If its engagement rate differs upwards or downwards from the rest of your posts, you need to know why. What did you do differently? Or what didn’t you do?

Buzzweb’s “post diagnostics” tool will help you with the answers. This instrument analyzes the post and provides recommendations on improving it. It takes into account all of the content’s potential characteristics that we’ve mentioned above.

Thus, the crucial metric for Instagram tracking is the engagement rate. And it is comprised of your audience quality and content quality. They can be and need to be improved. If you have a solid tool — it’s not at all difficult.

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