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Later: Complementary Analytics Tools

Later is a popular and really handy tool to plan your Instagram posts and the appearance of your feed. A great thing about the service is that it partners with Instagram and uses the platform’s Graph API to post to Instagram. It means that your account is safe. The tool also helps to sell the product or service your represent straight from your posts.

However, planning the content is just one part of promotion on any social media. If you want to grow — you need to take into account other factors, not only posting time and the appearance of your feed. You need to understand your followers and general trends on Instagram. It will help you answer the question of what to post. From this point of view, Later’s own analytics isn’t enough to seriously improve your content performance. It only provides you with the basic data — the best publishing time, number of likes, followers and clicks.

Let’s consider 2 tools that will help you make your content the best.


Buzzweb deep analytics tool is a must-have for every blogger and SMM-manager. Along with the basic features like likes, comments, engagement rate, and followers tracking, plus best posting time, it has 3 outstanding ones that will help you improve your content.

  • Post diagnostics feature analyzes each of your post. And provides you with the facts on what you have done efficiently about the post, as well as recommendations on what you could do differently to increase its reach and engagement. You can implement the recommendations to work out your future posts.
  • New followers / unfollowers feature demonstrates what pictures and videos bring you followers and deprive you of them. Here you can also check out what kind of followers your new posts bring you. Are they useless bots or mass followers who will ignore your content? Or users who might really be interested in your personality or brand?
  • Audience quality feature is a means to make your account more visible. As you may have heard, ghosts followers reduce your content’s reach and can even make it invisible to your followers. The audience quality feature is here to save your account. It finds ghost followers among your audience and assists in blocking them.

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Buzzweb extension

Buzzweb Google Chrome extension has the same features and will help you keep the finger on the pulse, controlling the performance of your new posts. For example, after posting a pic you can and grow its engagement with the help of one trick. If you promptly answer the comments with additional questions for the author of the comment, and he she answers you back — you can essentially grow the number of the comments, which, in turn, leads to the growth of the post’s engagement rate.

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On a final note

Later can be efficiently complemented with two deep analytics tools. Together they will make not only your feed but your entire performance on Instagram perfect. You will be able to grow your engagement and visibility, as well as the number of followers.