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Remove Ghost Followers Instagram:

5 Key Recommendations

Remove ghost followers Instagram to make yourself visible. But do it the right way.

Instagram is closing off the loopholes for its dishonest users. The more low-quality audience that practically ignores you is there among your followers, the smaller is the organic reach of your posts. And, conversely, the more live active followers you have, and the more likes and comments your new post receives from them – the greater its reach. This means a higher engagement rate, and the chance to be included in the top ratings for its hashtags, as well as in recommendations. Which, in turn, means the growth of the real live follower numbers.

It means that you need to block all accounts that are hanging on you like dead weight, preventing your content from getting to your real fans. Block bots, business accounts and mass followers, as well as inactive followers.

How to get rid of fake followers on Instagram? In this article we’re providing 5 important recommendations on how to block ghost followers.

But let’s start from this short video.

#1. Third-party tools will help you

Instagram doesn’t have a built-in function to identify ghost followers. Meanwhile, certain Instagram accounts can not be judged by their appearance to figure out whether it’s a real person or a bot. And you definitely can not judge whether he is liking your posts. Only third-party tools, which can help you determine whether the owner of such an account likes your content or comments on it. You can, of course, compare the likes manually, but that’s only possible if you have a very small number of followers. Let’s say, up to 100 people.

#2. Use those that don’t need Instagram’s API

Choose a third-party tool that works independently – without hooking up to Instagram’s API. Otherwise, you’ll be faced with continual setbacks in your work. Or, what’s even worse, you’ll run across an inaccurate presentation of ghost follower accounts. In this case, there’s a risk of blocking real followers and facing a catastrophe with organic reach.

Buzzweb is one of the services that doesn’t utilize Instagram’s API. Here is how Buzzweb «audience quality» feature looks like:

And here you can check out the profiles of your fake followers to block them:

#3. Be patient

We recommend blocking 300 and fewer bots per day. Otherwise, you may be banned by the platform – or your organic reach may drop sharply. That’s why it’s best to start with 50 accounts per day. And if you’ve got many fake followers, slowly increase this number.

#4. Mass followers are also ghosts

Mass followers are an entirely different story. Yes, they are real people. And as sad as blocking them might be for you, they don’t have any value for your account. What are the chances that someone with over 1K or 4K followers will, first of all, notice your post in their feed, and, secondly, react to it? Right, none at all. Therefore, brace yourself and block them decisively. Free up the space for your real fans.

#5. Pay a special attention to your inactive audience

We guarantee that there will be real-life Instagram users among your ghost followers, people who just don’t react to your content for some reason. Such passive followers should be blocked last. Why?

First of all, they may not have been seeing your content because it hasn’t had a high enough engagement rate and Instagram hasn’t been showing it to them. After you remove ghost followers Instagram, the situation will improve.

Secondly, they may not be getting enough motivation from you to be engaged in a dialogue. That’s why you should post more questions and polls after clearing out the primary ghost follower categories. Conduct a live broadcast or a giveaway. If your passive followers don’t get come back to life – block them with no regrets. They aren’t your audience.

Following these recommendations requires a bit of patience and a bit more courage. But they will lead to a significant increase in the number of your real fans. And your organic reach and engagement rate will allow you to get to the top ratings and recommendations lists. Remove ghost followers Instagram and go for it!

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