Reports+ For Instagram And Buzzweb Reports: Choosing The Best Tracking Apps

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Reports+ For Instagram And Buzzweb Reports

Reports+ for Instagram and Buzzweb reports — the detailed reviews to help you choose what app will work the best for your purposes.

If you take blogging seriously, then you have already tried or must be looking for apps that will help you track and analyze the essential indicators of your IG profile and improve them. And you should be careful, as some of the apps may perform poorly at the moment due to the fact that Instagram has closed its API to third-party services. The problem here is that you won’t understand which ones perform poor until you try it yourself and harm your account. However, we can help you avoid making a mistake.

Here is a detailed review of two efficient and trendy apps that work. The first one is the popular Report+ for Instagram app. And the second is a new one — called Buzzweb reports for Instagram. Let’s explore their capabilities.

Metrics And Features Comparison

Options  Reports+ Buzzweb
Basic available metrics that both apps have
  • total number of followers;
  • number of followings;
  • followers gained and lost;
  • engagement rate;
  • posts published.
  • total number of followers;
  • number of followings;
  • followers gained and lost;
  • engagement rate;
  • posts published.
Specific available metrics each app provides
  • total number of photos;
  • total number of videos;
  • users that block you;
  • followers you don’t follow back;
  • users that don’t follow you back.
  • audience insights: location, age, and sex.
Unique features
  • content scheduling — you can plan your posts and get an idea on how your feed will look;
  • your secret admirers — you can identify Instagram users who care about you and your profile but don’t show it;
  • your most active likers.
  • audience quality — you can see how many high quality audience and ghost followers (mass followers, bots, commercial accounts who damage your reach and engagement) you have; you can check out their profiles, and block them with the help of the app;
  • last post dynamics — you can check out how your last piece of content performed by hour
Price Free with an option of premium subscription that starts at $2.99.

One-year subscription will cost you $23,99.

Ease of usage The app works fast. It’s easy to find the feature you need. The graphs look really attractive.

However, some of its users mention in their reviews that the lists of most active likers and secret admirers are sometimes compiled incorrectly.

The app flies. Every section in it is simple and clear. The graphs are easy to understand.

As the app has been recently released, you won’t find many reviews, but there are no negative ones. 

Try it while it’s free.

Final thoughts

Data is the key to growing your social media performance, so such apps are must-have tools for bloggers and social media managers.

Reports+ and Buzzweb reports for Instagram are perfect mobile apps to track essential indicators of your IG profile and improve them. Which one do you prefer? The first one offers more tracking options. And the second — more opportunities to understand, work out and grow your audience. Check out yourself and take advantage of them.

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