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Socialbackers: Complementing Tools

Socialbackers is an efficient tool to organize your brand work with social media influencers. It helps you discover your audience on social media, identify the content they like and the influencers they trust and follow. It also measures the efficiency of your collaboration with influencers.

However, the work with social media influencers can be significantly strengthened by improving your own social media pages. By having a solid, engaging page with your target audience as the followers, you can grow your influence, increase brand awareness and sales. You can have more bloggers that wish to represent your brand.

So today, let’s talk about the tools that can complement and improve Socialbackers’ work with Instagram in order to make your brand’s page perform in the best possible way.

To do this, let’s sketch out a pool of questions, the answers to which are helpful in developing the recommendations on the account’s strategy and tactics.

These might be:

  • Which posts perform best and why?
  • Who are the brand’s followers?
  • How many fake followers are there among them?
  • Who unfollowed your brand’s page and after which posts?
  • Who are the new followers and what content makes them follow you?
  • What is the social media strategy of your competitors?

Good questions, right? Now let’s review the tools that can provide you with meaningful answers.


Buzzweb deep analytics tool can give you all the answers and even ready-to-use recommendations. With its help you can:

  • Sort your publications by the engagement rate and check out the makeup of each post, obtaining recommendations on how your content can be improved to get more reach and engagement:
  • Check out your audience portrait and find out whether it coincides with the portrait of your target audience:
  • See how many fake followers you have and get rid of them to grow your visibility:
  • Track your unfollowers and new followers in order to understand in what way each post influences your following number and its makeup:

Buzzweb extension for Google Chrome

In turn, Buzzweb Chrome extension can analyze any account on Instagram and show you:

  • the portrait of its followers,
  • follower’s credibility,
  • follower’s interests
  • follower’s brand affinity
  • page’s most popular mentions
  • the performance of paid posts

Thus, this tool can be a great means to choose the social media influencers to collaborate with, as well as monitor your brand competitors’ activities.

To check out how the tool works, you need to install it and click on the “download report” button.

In just a minute the report on several lists on your competitor’s Instagram page or a potential ambassador will be ready.

Final words

Collaboration with influencers should be supported by a strong performance of your own brand’s page in order to make it more efficient. When your potential customers not only see the content initiated by your brand, but are attracted and engaged by your own page, you can grow your brand awareness more easily and rapidly.

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