Squarelovin: 2 Tools To Strengthen The Service’s Capabilities

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Squarelovin: 2 Complementing Tools

Squarelovin is a useful tool for any internet-marketers who are working with social media influencers. It helps find, manage and analyze the content that mentions your brand.

At the same time, if you want not only to use user-generated content, but to be able to grow your brand awareness and sales using your own social media pages, then you need some extra tools. That is why in this article we will consider the 2 tools to efficiently complement Squarelovin work on Instagram. Let’s have a look.


Buzzweb is an all-in-one performance tool for Instagram. It’s options are: tracking your page’s key performance indicators and analyzing every aspect of your page. Knowing the situation, trends and figures, you can make helpful conclusions on how to grow it. Moreover, some of the conclusions are provided by the service itself. You can take them and implement safely in your practice.

So, what does the tool track and analyze?

  1. Tracking

    Number of followers, engagement rate, likes and comments

    Number of new followers and unfollowers and their profiles

  2. Analyzing

    Audience quality. You can check out how many fake followers that spoil your visibility you have. We have a separate article where we explain how bots, mass followers, commercial account and real but inactive users among your followers decrease your visibility.

    Post performance diagnostics. You can have a look at the recommendations on how to improve your content to make it more engaging and increase its reach. Such recommendations accompany each of your post.

    Your best and worst time to post. You can pick the most productive time to get more attention.

    Your audience. You can see its gender, age and location and experiment with your content based on its parameters.

Just sign up free with your IG account and this tool will do all the work.

Buzzweb extension for Google Chrome

This deep analytics tool is very helpful if your brand is collaborating with Instagram social media influencers, or you need to monitor your competitors’ activity on this platform. Why? The extension can analyze any account on Instagram and tell you its owner’s:

  • notable engagements
  • paid posts performance
  • interests
  • brand affinity
  • most popular hashtags and mentions
  • followers’ credibility
  • followers’ age, gender and location split
  • followers’ interests
  • followers’ brand affinity

What you need to do — just click “download report”:

And you will get all the structured data on 30 lists.

This is how the Buzzweb extension will help you choose the best and the most relevant influencers and avoid working with the fake ones. You can also see and analyze your competitors’ activity to grow your own Instagram account.


Your work with Squarelovin on Instagram can be significantly strengthened with 2 great tools. They will help you grow your own page’s performance and answer all the questions about your competitors’ and potential ambassadors’ performance.

You can try both tools for free.

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