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Track Followers Instagram: Why And How?

Track followers Instagram if you have certain business objectives to achieve on this social media platform. 

As a professional blogger or a brand, you are probably looking for something that will allow you to understand what you are doing right, what can be done better and what should be left alone. Not so long ago, tracking was available on other social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. However, now you can also enjoy the depths of analytics.

Track Followers Instagram: 4 Things To Find Out About Your Following

1. Your new followers and unfollowers

These are the basic metrics to monitor. However, Instagram Insights doesn’t provide you with them. That is why you should use third-party tools to get the data.

Buzzweb can help you to track:

  • the total number of your followers,
  • the amount of your new followers and their profiles,
  • the number of those who have unfollowed you and their profiles.

2. Your followers’ characteristics 

You need to know your audience inside out to make your sponsored post relevant. With Instagram tracking tools you will be able to learn the gender, age, brand affinity, and demographics of your audience. You will also be able to get rid of fake followers, who spoil your engagement rate by ignoring your content.

How to get rid of fake followers on Instagram? For instance, the Buzzweb online tool helps you monitor your audience quality. It sorts out the real followers from the bots and inactive users, thus showing you the real picture.

Just this latter feature alone can provide you with a much deeper insight and tell you about the health of your account and make you understand what you need to focus on the most.

3. Time when your followers are the most active

How often have you asked yourself what the best times are to post for your particular audience? How many experiments have you conducted and how many piles of articles have you read?

Although experimenting is great, you definitely need a tool that will dispassionately provide you with your personal schedule of the best posting times, as it’s quite difficult to do it on your own.

Following generic guidelines created for everyone is one thing, however, knowing the exact best time for your audience is an entirely different story.

  • What times of each day of the week are the best?
  • When is your audience most active?
  • When are your followers more likely to engage?

You can use Buzzweb to find this out.

4. Types of content that your followers engage the most

Being serious about promoting yourself on Instagram, you probably invest a lot of time, efforts and even money in creating catchy promotional content, right? You also need to know which captions, geo tags, or hashtags in your posts lead to the greatest engagement. It’s a sort of A/B testing which you do all the time, trying to keep up with the new trends and attract new audiences. However, how can you be successful with this so called A/B testing if there are really numerous factors to consider?

Once you found the posts with the highest engagement level, you can analyze them closely in order to see what those secret elements that draw the audience to them are. Perhaps it’s the captions you used or certain colors.

Buzzweb can also help you with this. You can sort your content by engagement and analyze each of your posts.

Track Followers Instagram And Stop Guessing

If you are not using any services to track your followers, then you are definitely missing something crucial. If you would like to stop guessing how to become better and be able to improve your online presence, then you need to start using tools allowing to track followers and their behaviour on your Instagram.

It’s time to plan your future posts with the eyes open and to allow smart tools to start working to your advantage.