Unfollow Ghost Followers: Brief Guide

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Unfollow Ghost Followers: Tools And Tricks

Unfollow ghost followers! That’s what every Instagrammer who seeks to increase their social performance needs to do. And here’s why. Your ghost followers do not react in any way to your content, lowering its engagement rate. This means that the Instagram algorithm identifies it as non-engaging and narrows down the circle of users that it’s displayed to. In turn, that lowers the engagement rate. It leads to an even reach. Which, again, lowers the engagement rate. And so on.

In this article we’ll discuss how Buzzweb may help you get rid of low-quality followers. And then we’ll inform you of some of the tricks in the process.

Unfollow Ghost Followers: Tools

Start with free registration on Buzzweb. Then go to the Audience Quality section. Here you will be able to see what your audience is like. In particular:

What does each type mean?

  1. High quality audience are your truest fans. They like and comment on practically every one of your posts. The more of these you have, the higher your engagement and reach.
  2. Regular audience are also your fans, but not just as active. Think about how you can activate them in order to attract more of their attention. Instagrammers like polls, or simple questions like “I watched the new episode of Empire today, and I love Cookie Lyons’ style. Which TV-series heroines do you like?”
  3. Commercial accounts are following you because you’re their target audience. They are only concerned with a mutual subscription. And they like you only when they follow or unfollow you. That’s why they belong with the ghost followers.
  4. Private accounts are closed accounts, which do not like or comment on your content. And from that point of view they are also considered ghost followers.
  5. Mass followers – Instagrammers with over 2,000 subscriptions. Even if they’re stuck to their phones 24/7, they may still miss your post. And it’s unlikely that they’ll react by liking it, too. These are also ghost followers.
  6. Low quality and bots are accounts created in order to follow other accounts for money, or distribute malicious links. After subscribing to you they either ignore your profile and content, since their entire purpose was the subscription. These are ghost followers.

You can see the makeup of any audience and block any of the profiles it contains.

Unfollow Ghost Followers: Tricks

  1. You can’t unfollow ghost followers too fast. Go slowly but surely. Otherwise, your Instagram account will suffer from a sharp decrease in organic reach, and it’s not easy to get out of that ditch. In fact, it can take months. In our experience, up to 300 per day is a safe quantity to remove.
  2. You can expect a rise in engagement rate after cleaning out ghost followers, but don’t expect a miracle. You’ve got to understand that this is just one method of increasing engagement. And you also have to work in an integrated manner, increasing photo content and caption quality, as well as taking specific measures required in your case.
  3. Experiment with likes and comments prior to unfollowing private accounts. If you can see that the account does not belong to a bot, a mass follower or a any business, put in a couple of likes, leave a short comment and take a week-long pause. Perhaps that will make the user remember that she / he’s following you, and propel them to go to your profile to remind her- / himself why. If after a certain time you start receiving likes from her / him – the user may be moved to the valuable regular audience type.

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