Unfollow Ghost Followers Instagram: 3 Smart Tips To Beat Ghosts

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Unfollow Ghost Followers Instagram: Best Tips

Unfollow ghost followers Instagram. It will make your account work for you.

Got problems with Instagram performance? Of course, there can be plenty of reasons for this. However, ghost followers are the ones who ruin your dream of becoming a top social media influencer. Let us explain why.

When ghost followers don’t react to a pic or video you have just posted — they decrease its engagement rate. Thus, Instagram decides your post isn’t good enough and isn’t worth being shown to more of your followers. That means fewer of your true fans will get it in their feeds. They won’t see it, like it or comment on it. And that, once again, decreases your engagement.

Thus, the more ghost followers you have — the less are your chances of high-quality interaction, good engagement rate, and visibility.

In this article we will review how you can beat ghost followers.

Unfollow Ghost Followers Instagram: Three Tips

  1. Use only relevant hashtags
    The more different hashtags you use — the wider is the audience that can notice your post. Including an army of bots that choose the accounts to follow based on the hashtags. Usually it’s the most popular ones — so that the bot could follow more accounts. That means that the more targeted and relevant for your content your hashtags are — the fewer bots are able to find and follow you. Choose quality hashtags that are valuable for your content. Like #travelusa or #travelasia instead of popular #travelblogger.
  2. Make sure your growing tools don’t provoke mass followers
    Growing tools that like and comment on the posts of accounts that might like your page are helpful in attracting new fans. However, they may attract mass-followers as well. And that is bad. Why? Let’s calculate. Imagine that a person follows 2 000 accounts. That means he has from 1 000 to 3 000 posts in his / her feed daily. A mass follower just has no real opportunity to notice your content among all this flow of information. So, when you tune any growing tool — make sure it ignores accounts that already follow over 2 000 profiles.
    And do not forget that such tools are generally in the gray area of Instagram. The platform doesn’t encourage them. For example, the services that help mass followers automatically comment on your pics are not helpful anymore. This is due to the fact that since the beginning of 2018 Instagram considers only comments that consists of 4 words and more.
  3. Block ghosts
    In case your the number of your followers is not big yet — you can do it manually. Let’s say, it’s possible if you have up to 1K followers. Otherwise, you’ll need a blocking tool. Since Instagram has closed its API to third-party services in the beginning of 2018, note that any blocking tool shouldn’t depend on the platform’s API in order to deliver the correct list of ghosts.
    How to get rid of fake followers on Instagram? Buzzweb “audience quality” feature identifies your ghost followers and shows you each of your ghost followers’ profiles.

    Or you can also track the fakers among your new followers with the help of “followers/unfollowers” feature.

Unfollow Ghost Followers Instagram: Final Words

Beating fake followers is an essential task for bloggers and SMM-managers who have real business goals. Use our tips and see how they help you attain them.

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