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Top Influencers — Key Challenges And Solutions

Influencer marketing continues to increase in popularity. According to a study by Collective Bias, 70% of millennial consumers are influenced by their friends’ recommendations in buying decisions. Moreover, Influence Central has discovered that social media is used as a key research resource when making a purchase by 86% of women shoppers.

As a result, a lot of cheating mechanisms have appeared. A blogger can buy followers, likes and comments to pretend they have more influence than they actually do. Another problem for brands is targeting the proper audience, since top influencers have their followers spread all over the world. One more challenge is to create an engaging promo post. And the last one is — how you can find top influencers?

Let’s examine how these problems can be solved in the context of Instagram, which has reached 1 billion users in June 2018, according to its CEO, Kevin Systrom.


If you are going to run your campaign with top influencers, then the Buzzweb search and audit tool will help you. With its help, you can find proper bloggers all over the world.

As well as get a transparent rating for their accounts, based on the candid data, including engagement rate, social media performance, audience quality and reachability. You can see a bloggers’ fake likes and followers. Plus, each brand gets an opportunity to leave a review after collaborating with a blogger.


Find Instagram influencers

Beating Fakers

A lot of tools that can help you identify fake influencers has appeared within the last year. Some of them have problems with Instagram API, as the platform has closed it to third-party tools. This basically includes practically all apps. And some of them are really expensive. For instance, working with Iconosquare will cost you $34 per month.

From this point of view, Buzzweb stands along. If offers a free and accurate audit of any Instagram account. No registration or sms. The percentage of high-quality and low-quality followers is included in the data the tool displays.

Proper targeting

The question of targeting is not only connected with geography, age and sex of a blogger’s followers. It is also a question of brand affinity. Will blogger’s followers pay attention to your product in their feed? Will they trust him describing his impression of it? Can you imagine this particular blogger buying your product himself?

Here you can rely on your opinion, or try the Buzzweb extension. It analyses the influencer’s profile and his followers and displays him and his follower’s brand affinity.

Content creation

The success of this part of your work with top influencers depends on two things. These are the authenticity of the post and the power of your message embedded in it. What you can do is review the blogger’s most engaging posts and find what parameters unite them. This might be a similar caption, a post’ theme or pictures. Also, review the most popular posts on your Instagram page. There you should find similarities between the messages and their presentation. Now, when you know what makes blogger’s post popular and your messages effective — you can work on your sponsored post.

Don’t forget to ask your influencer when his best time to post is. As well as to provide him with your FAQ so that he could answer all the comments on your promo post promptly.

On the final note

In recent years, brands have been using influencers as the face of their advertisements. Influencers’ endorsed opinions about products, which are shared on social media platforms, help spread viral conversations about brands online. And now it has became possible to make influencer marketing absolutely transparent and accessible to any brand. So, why not to try this great channel of sales?


Find Instagram influencers